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Playbook is a collaboration tool geared toward software development shops.

The software is written using Visual Studio 2010, C#, .NET 4.0, WPF, and incorporates elements of the MVVM pattern.



There are three components to this software:

  • Playbook Website
    • The website acts as the client server.  It communicates with the Playbook Database, via WCF services, the Playbook Client.
  • Playbook Client
    • The client sits on the member’s computer.
  • Playbook Database
    • Manages all the information pertaining to the projects, tasks, milestones, members, and comments.



  • Updated database to include new tables: PlaybookBadge, PlaybookMemberBadge, PlaybookMemberStats.
  • Updated missing table relationships.
  • Added new Entity Model diagram image under Design Specifications.
  • Added new AppSetting, DataServicesURL, for use with PlaybookEntities in the Services classes.
  • Updated Playbook.Core PlaybookDataServices service reference.
  • Updated MemberServices.cs to include new method, SaveBadge.  (This will likely be refactored out.)
  • Added new helper, SaltedHash, for storing passwords.
  • Added ICommand and SimpleCommand for command binding.
  • Updated CommentServices and CommentViewModel files for proofing out command binding.

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